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The dupe of digital marketing, and how best to combat it

With our researched knowledge and industry experience we have discovered a huge trend in false promises within companies who identify as digital marketing agencies as well as the shortcomings of some of the popular subscription based CRM platforms.

We wanted to shed some light on our findings and voice an opinion that may not be spoken about enough.

The Problem

Digital marketers are not web developers but with access to easy tools you can pose as one. Subscription based models are more popular than ever which makes selling a service that requires on going costs a lot easier. E-Commerce CRMs such as ShopifySquarespace or Wix (amongst others) typically offer options to quickly get a website up and running. These services are often more expensive in the long run, offer lower functionality and less customisation options. They are easily used by agencies to prop up a pretty face to sign clients while falling short on long term promises.

Our core problem is in two parts; one being the predatory marketing by agencies to sign clients under misinformation as well as lack of ability to follow through and the other being a lacklustre, over advertised subscription-based CRM.

The Solutions?

Unfortunately most businesses and people are left high and dry with a templated website and no way of moving forward with it. While an ideal solution would be to graduate up to a complete bespoke solution or use a more robust CRM like WordPress (it’s free!) for the next steps but, that will often mean a huge amount of wasted time, effort and money on a solution that doesn’t get you far enough. While we discover for ourselves a method to reduce the misinformation around web development and marketing, we hope opinion pieces like this start the conversation.