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Data Consolidation & Usage

A business or company is only sufficient when highly organised. We compile and consolidate unorganized data into one simple, importable, and ultimately usable file. This can be scaled upwards to the enterprise level for any e-commerce business. Our solutions for both our clients and their customers involve a similar methodology. Categorised data allows search filters to locate exactly what you are looking for; increasing usability for customers and ultimately sales. Data consolidation is coupled with both finding a solution to clients’ unorganized data and implementing a function in which to improve customer engagement. Using Python, our work in data consolidation has already been used to implement exactly this for over 30,000 products for a recent client.

Through our work with recent clients, we are furthering our methods in “squashing” categories in which to speed up our search processes. Ultimately, making it more accessible for our clients and their customers in finding their listed items.