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SEO & Marketing

SEO is crucial to ensure a competitive ranking in search engines. Our data specialists advise clients on several details that result in tangible improvements to their business when correctly implemented.

We take a holistic approach which is best broken down into these simplified, key aspects: –

  • Technical: Security and speed.
  • Content: Arrangement, and appropriate marketing language usage (B2C/B2B).

These two key aspects of SEO create the most impactful result for the UX (User Experience) – The aim is to have an efficient website with all aspects of SEO covered, resulting in a user-friendly experience. We strategise with clients on SEO issues, improve marketing plans based on data and advise on provided content; organise internal and outbound links, and ensure site effectiveness by trimming the fat, or bloat, with the correct content arrangement. Our clients begin to see marked changes in their business when these things coalesce.

We compile that data and translate it into digestible information through tools such as Google Analytics. We use this data to pinpoint precisely which aspects of a client’s website need further improvement or a completely changed strategy.

SEO is subject to change over time. Therefore, we offer clients a diligent service to maintain their competitive rankings. Clients’ may review their analytical data at their request, and we schedule meetings to report on findings and suggest or explain ways for further optimising.

We also offer social media marketing services, which include creating and managing social media posts across various platforms. This helps clients establish an online presence, engage with their target audience, and promote their products or services.

Our SEO and marketing service pricing starts from £200 per month but with flexible and scalable offers and options available it always best to discuss with us your business so we can get a better idea. The exact pricing may vary depending on the specific requirements and scope of work for each client.

Discounts are available for extended contracts or via our social media offers.