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App Development

Difficulties can often arise during the process of App development; from the conception of a bright idea to its finalization and publication. We steer the development cycle for our clients, in a simplified and communicative partnership. More clearly, this cycle unfolds as Strategy/Planning – UI/UX Design – App Development – Testing – Deployment & Support.

Framework & coding languages used in app development have their challenges, whether using iOS exclusively – Swift, or open-source frameworks such as Flutter or React Native. We assist in navigating the complications that may arise during the early stages of the development cycle, regarding; Developer licenses and the industry-standard testing methods; any updates to the app review process, which may hinder publication; GDPR compliance, and any integration with third-party apps – payment gateways, analytics, automation, tracking.  

Separately, we can design Android-specific private apps for in-house use only. These need no consideration for licensing, being installed locally via .apk, Android package file format. The purpose of these apps is typically to streamline or improve a single aspect of your business, such as automated systems, for your employees and management.

Upon completion of the development cycle, we continue to offer a caretaker role to ensure the stability and efficiency of the clients’ app. This includes hosting accessible dashboards to control apps from websites and future considerations regarding strategy, or updates for the app going forward.

We aim to make a complicated and daunting process simple for our clients. We provide responsive and reactive solutions and are readily available for meetings throughout the development cycle.