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IT Support

Generic IT Solutions offer vague and sweeping statements. Results can often vary without specialization and a blanket approach. We apply creative, lateral thinking to solutions that perfectly fit our clients’ complex needs.

Barrett Solutions is primarily a bespoke, technological solutions company. However, we offer our clients cutting-edge, industry-standard IT Support necessary for safe, secure and efficient IT systems – the day-to-day management is vitally important. Without proactive and reactive IT support, businesses can grind to a halt. We feel our IT support is just as critical to our more bespoke services and solutions.

Beneath is a listing of our managed IT solutions; we offer proactive and reactive support to issues clients face on a day-to-day basis:

  • Data recovery – backup solutions; via remote (cloud) or local backups. High recovery success rate with different forms of storage (HDD, SSD) and multiple device types.
  • Security – virus protection. Network security – overall security assessments.
  • Hardware and software installations – repairs, services and upgrades. Computer configuration and support for any standard OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Consultations – scheduled meetings: reports, analytics, evaluations, updates or monthly issues.
  • Cabling & Cabinets – data and voice cabling; physical installations of Ethernet and phone lines. Server room installation, with high-end equipment (NAS, servers, switches, firewalls, routers)
  • Monitoring & Maintenance – Server support, software updates and network maintenance.
  • Cloud services – Cloud storage, servers and migrations. E-mail, calendar and user configurations for SSO environments (Azure/AS/365) suited to businesses and employees.
  • Mobile Devices – software, cloud issues, laptop hardware support; upgrades and replacements. Advice on best purchases suited to clients’ needs.

Managed IT solutions are not limited to the above list only, as we specialize in applying bespoke solutions for complex or multifaceted problems.

For information on our competitive SLAs and prices, do not hesitate to reach us via e-mail to learn more.