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Windows 11 frustrates, making an already annoying problem worse.

Previously, Windows 10 Home & Pro editions, had allowed the creation of a local account out of the box. Despite this, it was not a simple process and it would appear Microsoft are foregoing simplicity in an effort to encourage users to instead create a Microsoft account.

With the advent of Windows 11, they moved this feature solely to Microsoft Pro edition. Keep in mind, you can use a local account on any version. However, on the initial setup they have decided to limit this.

While we understand the huge benefits to an SSO system and the attractiveness of a ready-to-go, syncing desktop environment, we feel the option to easily create a local account should still be present, especially when lacking an internet connection. There are, in fact, solutions, but these can be unclear and confusing for users.

We are often having to advise on making a temporary Microsoft account; just to get in to the machine. We then proceed to convert said temporary account into a local user. We have found a lengthy workaround, involving disconnection from the internet. Only disconnecting part-way through this process triggers offline account options for both editions.